Cortex was born from a collective observation by researchers from various specialties and countries: the world of research suffers from preconceptions and misunderstanding from non-experts

In 2020,

the community media was created. It brings together scientists from all walks of life and makes science accessible to all.

Following growing demand from various research players, Tatiana Grouin & Clémence Paban, who have known each other for 20 years, worked together in order to create the Cortex company in parallel.

Tatiana Grouin

Tatiana Grouin

Founder of Cortex

Coming from the world of research, she obtained 2 masters in biology and carried out several experiments abroad.

Clémence Paban

Clémence Paban

Co-Founder of Cortex

Expert in event project management, she has been working in the field for 8 years.

What we bring to you

Knowing how to popularize one's knowledge and one's expression is to allow better sharing of knowledge.

More Opportunities

An increase in interdisciplinary and international collaborations.

More Understanding

Better understanding and productivity between departments within an institute and a company.

More Knowledge

Knowledge of content production in order to enhance your work.

More Credibility

Combating fake news and information bias so that the general public reconnects with research.

Our Innovative Points


scientists to non-experts


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making high-level scientific information accessible to everyone