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Cortex is a science popularization player whose objective is to revitalize R&D exchanges within the entrepreneurial world.

R&D departments within companies are faced with difficulties in communicating with other departments. Yet this is a founding pillar of the company.

Cortex has set up tools and services to highlight this R&D and its players.

A coalition, an understanding, but also good relations between the teams are decisive axes for the proper functioning of these units.

The qualified Cortex team remains on hand throughout claims and services.

Workshop "Pitch your product"

  • Teamwork between different departments
  • Streamline the understanding of information between departments
  • Design a fictitious product taking into account the needs and requirements of each unit of the company
  • Have a universal and understandable dialogue for each sector

Custom-made conference

  • Propose a format that creates a link between researchers and the general public.
  • Knowledge sharing and verbalization of innovations
  • Meeting with actors from the world of research
  • Inspire new vocations
  • Popularize scientific subjects

Training Valuation of scientific capital

  • Train researchers to present their scientific advances
  • How to value their work
  • Use the right means of communication between different specialties, but also different departments within the same company

Workshop Use of biomimicry

  • Learn to work as a team between different departments
  • Increase the flow of information between departments on the design of a product
  • Include your product in an eco-responsible and bio-inspired approach by combining skills

What we bring to you

Knowing how to popularize one's knowledge and one's expression is to allow better sharing of knowledge.

More Opportunities

An increase in interdisciplinary and international collaborations.

More Understanding

Better understanding and productivity between departments within an institute and a company.

More Knowledge

Knowledge of content production in order to enhance your work.

More Credibility

Combating fake news and information bias so that the general public reconnects with research.

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