Custom Workshop

Custom Workshop

Build with you a workshop that suits you and meets your expectations.


  • Build with you a workshop that suits you and meets your expectations.
  • An original participatory activity linked to the world of research
  • Establish a project according to your themes and your conditions
  • Obtain an original workshop that is in line with your ideas and your objectives, while highlighting the world of research and its actors.


  • We build the program with you
  • We take into account your time slots and your requirements
  • It is adjusted according to the budget determined beforehand


Cortex offers to build your workshop with you according to your chosen ideas and themes.

We are at your disposal and at your disposal in order to have the best possible experience and to be as close as possible to your expectations.

For this, we put at your disposal our expert network in the field of research, arts, journalism and multimedia

To know

Price: On estimate Includes preparation of the workshop and visual presentations, equipment, accessories and travel expenses

Duration: to be determined

Experience: to be determined

Capacity: to be determined


These workshops are adaptable to all types of audience. Whether for adults, teenagers or children.

We can also provide these services in French and English, but also face-to-face and by videoconference.

We also travel as needed for projects and requests.


Many speakers from our network in the scientific, journalistic, artistic and multimedia circles remain available to build your project.

Quality experts in every field work with Cortex on an ongoing basis.

What we bring to you

Knowing how to popularize one's knowledge and one's expression is to allow better sharing of knowledge.

More Opportunities

An increase in interdisciplinary and international collaborations.

More Understanding

Better understanding and productivity between departments within an institute and a company.

More Knowledge

Knowledge of content production in order to enhance your work.

More Credibility

Combating fake news and information bias so that the general public reconnects with research.

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