Custom-made conference

Custom-made conference

Propose a format that creates a link between researchers and the general public .


  • Propose a format that creates a link between researchers and the general public.
  • Knowledge sharing and verbalization of innovations
  • Meeting with actors from the world of research
  • Inspire new vocations
  • Popularize scientific subjects


We propose to create, with you, more than a conference: a tailor-made event highlighting your theme and your objectives for the understanding of all audiences.

To know

We can provide:

  • A live replay
  • A post-production edit
  • Live graphic facilitation
  • A professional post-event graphic rendering
  • Merchandising (via our eco-responsible service providers made in France)


For this, we provide an expert team in events with more than 8 years of experience, but also collaborators in various fields of action such as:

  • Sciences
  • Multimedia
  • Journalism
  • Illustration and graphics
  • Art

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What we bring you

Knowing how to popularize one's knowledge and what one says is to allow better sharing of knowledge.

+ Opportunities

An increase in interdisciplinary and international collaborations.

+ Understanding

Better understanding and productivity between departments within an institute and a company.

+ Knowledge

Knowledge of content production in order to enhance your work.

More Credibility

Combat fake news and information bias so that the general public reconnects with research.

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