Offers for Universities & Laboratories

Offers for Universities & Laboratories

Cortex is a science popularization actor whose objective is to promote the world of research

Cortex is an actor in the popularization of science which aims to promote the world of research


Universities and laboratories are encouraged to collaborate with each other, forge international partnerships and highlight their work and progress. Researchers need visibility and centralized means of expression without information bias.


To respond to these issues and bring added value to this research work, our teams provide various tailor-made services with specialized speakers and collaborators.


A fluid exchange and dialogue are essential in order to set up lasting interdisciplinary collaborations. Communication with the general public must be valued, because it too is a major player in highlighting research work.


The qualified Cortex team remains on hand throughout applications and services.


  • adjustCommon Core
  • fiber_manual_recordIntroduction to Popular Science
  • fiber_manual_recordComics in the service of science popularization
  • fiber_manual_recordThe place of popularization in society; problems in science
  • fiber_manual_record3D and VR in science popularization; use in business and startup

  • adjustArticle route
  • fiber_manual_recordArticles; primary and secondary sources, different writings, doubts and questions

  • adjustPodcast route
  • fiber_manual_recordThe popular science formats
  • fiber_manual_recordPodcast production and studio recording


  • adjustAllow scientists to communicate without intermediaries
  • adjustImproving dialogue with peers and the general public
  • adjustIncrease interdisciplinary collaborations
  • adjustGet the tools needed to create popular content
  • adjustAcquire notions of management

To know

  • adjustFor Bac+5 and more
  • adjustGroup with a maximum of 15 people.
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  • adjustInteractives
  • adjustBespoke
  • adjustWith possibility of live replay
  • adjustGraphic Facilitation Available

The existing model


  • adjustHave an interactive communication tool
  • adjustTransmit and exchange knowledge and work
  • adjustHave visual renderings for its structure on new advancements
  • adjustMake known its structure and collaborators

To know

  • adjustAny request for a tailor-made conference is studied and worked on in close collaboration with the requesting structure
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  • adjustTailor-made workshops and workshops
  • adjustWorkshop writing popular science articles
  • adjustPodcast Writing and Studio Recording Workshop


  • adjustInitiate popularization on a one-time event
  • adjustTo raise awareness of the world of science and research
  • adjustPerform group work between members of the same team in order to improve professional communication and collaboration

To know

  • adjustAll requests are studied and worked on with our teams in order to meet your expectations as closely as possible
  • adjustAny workshop or workshop pricing is done by drawing up an estimate
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What we bring you

Knowing how to popularize one's knowledge and what one says is to allow better sharing of knowledge.


+ Opportunities

An increase in interdisciplinary and international collaborations.


+ Understanding

Better understanding and productivity between departments within an institute and a company.


+ Knowledge

Knowledge of content production in order to enhance your work.


More Credibility

Combat fake news and information bias so that the general public reconnects with research.

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